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Who we are

Suggested text: Our website address is: www.homequestguru.com.


Suggested text: When individuals post comments on our website, we gather the information provided in the comment form, along with the visitor’s IP address and browser user agent string to aid in identifying and preventing spam.

Additionally, an anonymized string, generated from your email address (also referred to as a hash), may be shared with the Gravatar service to determine if you have an associated profile picture. For more details on the privacy practices of the Gravatar service, please refer to their privacy policy at the following link: [Gravatar Service Privacy Policy URL]. Once your comment is approved, your profile picture may be publicly displayed alongside your comment.


Suggested text: When you upload images to the website, please make sure not to include any embedded location data (EXIF GPS) in the images. This is important because visitors to the website have the capability to download and extract any location data that might be present in the images displayed on the website. To safeguard privacy and protect the confidentiality of individuals associated with the images, it is best to avoid uploading images with embedded location data.


Suggested text: When you leave a comment on our site, you have the option to opt-in and allow us to save your name, email address, and website information in cookies. These cookies are intended to enhance your convenience, as they eliminate the need for you to fill in your details again when you decide to leave another comment. The stored cookies will remain active for a duration of one year, after which they will automatically expire. This way, you can enjoy a seamless commenting experience without the hassle of re-entering your information every time you engage with our site.

Embedded content from other websites

Suggested text: Articles on this site may contain embedded content such as videos, images, articles, etc. When embedded content from other websites is present, it functions in the same manner as if the visitor has directly visited the other website. This means that the external content operates independently on our site, and any interactions or data exchanges with the embedded content are subject to the terms and policies of the respective external website. We do not have control over the behavior or data collection practices of external websites, so we encourage users to review the privacy policies and terms of use of these third-party sites when interacting with embedded content.

Embedded content from other websites may collect your data, use cookies, and employ third-party tracking. Your interaction with this content, while logged in, may also be monitored by the external website. Be cautious and review their privacy policies to understand how your data is handled.

How long we retain your data

Suggested text: Comments and their metadata will be kept indefinitely to facilitate the automatic approval of follow-up comments instead of moderating them.

Where your data is sent

Suggested text: Visitor may be checked through an automated spam detection service.


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